Cough syrup

From the collection of Jennie Mclauthlen, Kingston’s first Librarian.

Recipe for cough syrup, 1887


Raisin Pie. — One cup chopped raisins, two cups of water, one teaspon mixed spice, one cup cracker-crumbs, two cups sugar, one cup of vinegar, one-half cup butter, one beaten egge.  Boil and fill pies; bake three-quarters of an hour.

Cough Syrup.
One oz. flax-seed.
One oz. stick slippery elm.
One oz. thoroughwort.
One oz. hops.
One oz. black licorice.
Two quarts water — boil to a little less than one qt: strain and boil in a little more water, to get strength all out — strain again– ] add 1 pint of molasses.  Boil down to thickness of honey about 1 1/2 pints. When done, add 1 Table-spoon of whiskey.  Add the licorice after the herbs are boiled and strained.
Mrs. Whittemore.

Add 1/2 lb. loaf sugar

Archivist’s note: Feel free to make the raisin pie, but don’t make your own cough medicine at home from this recipe. That would be foolish.