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Date Event
12,000 BCE Glacial Lake Taunton spills to form "Jones" River
12,000 BCE Halls Swamp (Pottle St. Site)
12,000 BCE Lithic Technology
12,000 BCE Tribal History (Wampanoag, Aquinnah, Mashpee, Patuxet, Narragansetts)
1524 Verrazzano - Worked for the French, looking for warterway to fareast
1603 Martin Prang - Looking for sassafras
1605 Samuel Champlain - Visited and Charted Kingston
1617-1618 Native American Plague
9/6/1620 Mayflower departs Plymouth, England
11/9/1620 Mayflower arrives at Cape Cod
1623 First Plymouth land division
1627 Second Plymouth land division
1636 First Ferry (Two Cents)
1637 (approximately Allerton Cushman House
1639 Bridge Built at Pear (sp?) House
1638/1639 Thomas Willett House built. Sold to Gov. Bradford in 1653)
2/2/1638 John Howland Aquires Property on Rocky Nook
1690 Joseph Holmes and Wrestling Brewster House building
1673 John Howland Dies
1684 King's Highway
4/2/1694 Ebenezer Cobb was born (lived to be 107 and lived in three centuries! Lois Lawrence lived in three centuries more recently.)
Petitioners "40 and 8"
1712 Shipbuilders Caleb Stetson starts shipyard at Stony Brook
1713 Samuel Drew Arrives
1714 School at the Point
1715 Substantial Bridge
North Precinct
1717 1st Parish Church
1717 African Americans/Slaves and Native Americans in the North Parish
1718 The Bradford Land Grant
1720 First Minister at First Parish Kingston
1725-1726 Problems with the Schools
6/27/1726 Kingston Township Granted

This timeline was initially generated during a meeting of the North Plymouth 400 in the fall of 2018.